Manage and access your contracts everywhere. Contracts stored in private secure database. Contracts accessible instantly in your office.

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Contract Management is a web application that can be used together with the mobile application
so you can have access to your contracts in the office, at home or on the road

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Contract Information always available

Wherever you are on any device you can see or edit your contracts for up to date information. All centrally stored so one single point of definition.

All contract information structured and securely stored in your centralized database

All information resides in your hosted company database and can be kept up to date by everyone entitled to do so. Always the right version and up to date information. Everything securely hosted for maximum efficiency.

Alerts to make sure you take action when needed

Automatic alerts inform you timely when action is required so no contracts end unnoticed and you are in time to help your customer continue to work with you.

Provide clarity to your customer

Work efficiently with your customer create a clear contract and always have the same information available to increase customer satisfaction.


Reasons to like Contract Management

The easiest way to manage all your contracts whilst in the office or on the road.


  • Be a sales Pro, know your customer
  • Cross selling made easy
  • Alerts ensure timely action to contact client
  • Mobile so also available on the road
  • Use your phone to take a snapshot of the signature and of the happy signing event. Stored.


  • Improved interaction with sales representative
  • Help me to get continuous service
  • Efficient electronic approval cycle

Legal & Accounting

  • Structured contract information centralized and available when you need it
  • Possible to manage inter company contracts
  • All versions of the contract available in the document management built in
  • No need to install or run software, great pricing

The board

  • Contracts up to date and available
  • Alerts to timely renew ending contracts, before the competition comes in
  • Efficiency and good customer relations

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